Hair Thickening Fiber Review

One of the newest innovations in hair loss treatment are hair thickening fibers. Rather than pay thousands of dollars on hair transplants or spend hundreds of dollars on hair growth solutions which may or may not work, hair thickening fibers are both inexpensive and give instant results. The popularity of hair thickening fibers has lead to a large number of new brands popping up on the shelves. Many people are wondering what the differences are and which hair thickening fiber is truly the best. We reveal the best hair fiber as we do a hair thickening fiber review of the top 10 brands available.

The first factor we tested was the effectiveness of each brand of hair thickening fiber. We tested how well each brand bonded with natural hair and how well it stayed on in certain situations. We found that the hair thickening fiber made from keratin, which was most of the brands we tested, did not bond as well as the brands using all natural ingredients in their hair fibers. The hair thickening fiber made from natural plant fibers were able to stay on even in rain, wind and sweat, while the hair thickening fibers made made from keratin fell off easily.

The second factor we tested was the quality of each hair thickening fiber. Here, we noticed the hair thickening fibers which were priced in the $20 range easily clumped up after being applied, giving a very unnatural look. The hair thickening fibers priced a little higher, above the $30 range, looked much more natural when applied and there was not much clumping after being applied. When purchasing hair thickening fibers, the old saying that “you pay for what you get” truly applies.

The third factor we tested was the price of all the hair thickening fibers. The price did not vary too much, ranging from $25 to $50 for a 2 month supply. Compared with alternative hair loss treatments such as hair growth solutions and hair transplants which cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, this is extremely inexpensive.t

The fourth and final factor we considered was the safety of each brand. As said before, most of the hair thickening fibers used keratin fibers as their main ingredient. Keratin contains chemical ingredients known to cause irritation if left on the scalp for prolonged periods of time. The few brands which used all natural ingredients, felt much more comfortable on the hair and did not cause any irritation or side effects at all.

In conclusion, there is no wonder hair thickening fibers are the most popular hair loss treatment available today. Hair thickening fibers are not only inexpensive but effective as well. Out of all the brands tested, including Toppik, Fibolica, Nanogen, Bosley, Caboki at a few others, the one that stood out the most in all 4 tests were the hair thickening fibers by Fibolica. Hair thickening fibers by Fibolica was the only brand to meet all four criteria tested. Fibolica was one of the most effective when it came to bonding with natural hair, staying on even when we tested it in rain, wind and sweat. Fibolica hair thickening fibers were made with exceptional quality where the hair thickening fibers were cut to a microscopic level giving the most natural looking appearance out of all of the brands.  The price of Fibolica was very reasonable, especially when purchasing the 6 month supply. The cost of Fibolica is $35 for a 2 month supply and only $70 for a 6 month supply. Best of all, they offer free worldwide shipping. Lastly and most important of all, Fibolica hair thickening fiber uses natural plant fibers with natural mineral colorants. This means there are no side effects or irritation at all when the hair thickening fibers are applied on your head unlike hair fibers made from keratin.

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