Are Hair Loss Concealers Really Worth It?

Balding is not a new phenomenon. It has existed from times immemorial. Earlier majority was restricted to male population and hence the term “male pattern baldness” became famous. Now, however the hair loss problem has percolated considerably to the female section of the society with its own unique patterns and causes. While people in older times has limited options of color dyes and boot black that resembled shoe polish, men and women now have numerous better options to choose from. Hair building fibers are one such product that has caught the fancy of everyone with their durability and incognito properties.

Hair loss concealers have too come of age, with the earlier varieties limited to use of animal ingredients, synthetic chemical compounds and availability in limited colors. Modern times offer a range of hair loss concealers with powder or spray on varieties, keratin or natural options, some even aiding the re-growth of hair in the long term through continuous use. The disguising of hair thinning and bald spots is achieved in a uniform and blended fashion through the powder form of hair loss concealers as compared to their spray or cream based counterparts. The edge of powder based hair building fibers over the spray concealers comes from the fact that they are easy to apply with lesser technique issues and they blend naturally with the dry state of hair, avoiding the unnecessary shine and false color.

The temporary nature of hair loss concealers has not deterred people from investing in it as they are very much affordable; do not wear off in rain/sweat/wind, available in host of color shades, without the fear of staining bedding, hands or clothing. Convenience and Durability are the two main factors that make these hair loss concealers prime choice by the balding population. Also, many with heart condition or skin problems can adopt these products without fear as the plant based micro fibers cause no irritation and are devoid of any harmful side effects which might be the case with some spray or cream concealers. They are easy to remove with everyday shampoo or wear off in 3-4 days depending on external factors.

Faith of the companies who manufacture and market these hair loss concealers is so high that they are offering free trials or money back in case of dissatisfaction with the product. This makes trying concealers a risk free proposition without the feeling of being short-changed in the process. Efficiency and effectiveness of inexpensive hair loss concealers definitely make them worth a try which is often not an option when going for high investment hair transplants or hair regeneration treatments.


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