Best Products for Thinning Hair

Hair thinning is best explained as considerable loss of hair strands, giving rise to balding spots and scanty looking hair scalp. Dealing with the hair thinning problem requires acceptance of the condition and willingness to combat it with necessary products that suit you and give maximum results. One can consider various options to give you that younger looking self with head full of hair. Embarrassment is a thing of past with these wonderful options to conceal your hair loss.

With host of products available in the market promising you the most magical outcome by concealing the age old problem, one needs to be wise to choose a product that doesn’t dry up your cash reserves and suits your scalp giving you that natural looking hair. Some options available include:

– Minoxidil: This product is famous since late 90’s and available as over the counter drug. Research has shown Minoxidil to aid hair re-growth especially around the crown area of scalp as compared to the hairline. The usage has to be continued for a fairly long time around 6 months to see any visible positive effects.

– Follicle Exfoliation: Hair cannot grow from dead hair follicles. This technique removes the dead cells from the scalp removing blockages and giving place to new cells capable of hair regeneration. Using correct shampoo and conditioner can also help in the exfoliation process. However, dead hair follicles being not the only cause for hair thinning problem, this solution might work only for some.

– Nutritional Supplements: If the hair thinning is traced to vitamin and mineral deficiency, then including them in your diet or as drug supplements can recharge the hair follicles to produce hair. These are necessary to improve the blood circulation to the scalp and restoration of healthy hair. However, taking advice from trusted medical practitioner is necessary before popping these pills. Dietary sources of good quality protein and Vitamin B Complex are better absorbed into the blood stream

– Hair Loss Concealers: These work on the principle of static electricity and help to cover up the thinning hair by blending the spray or powder based micro hair building fibers to the existing hair giving natural looking fuller hair. This topical treatment works best for individuals who want to invest in options requiring less hassles, are pocket friendly and effectively cover the hair thinning problem. Availability in multiple shades to suit your hair and durability for all weather conditions make them a smart choice for concealing the hair loss problem. With so many companies claiming best results, one should opt for a brand which is reputed, has good customer reviews, offers free trials and money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction experienced by using the product.


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