Choosing the Right Hair Loss Concealers

People, especially women desire covertly or overtly that their men should be a complete package with good personality, looks, style and suaveness. A very integral part of this winning personality is a head full of nicely kept voluminous hair. But what if the hair doesn’t fit the ideal criteria with no fault of the person involved? Well there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Problem of hair loss bothers men more than women as the gene pool of males has a higher disposition to baldness and hair thinning as compared to females. With widespread occurrence of the hair loss issue, infomercials on television marketing various hair fiber treatment products have gained popularity. Acceptance of the problem is the first step to decide on the best possible solution from array of options like medication, hair transplants, shampoos, oils, hair dyes and concealers.

With advancement in research and technology, customers expect hair loss treatments to be hassle free, non-messy, and sophisticated with required flexibility and convenience of use. Hair thickening fiber fits this bill perfectly, considering factors like cost, time involved and effectiveness. So what makes these hair loss concealers so popular and sought after by consumers? Numero Uno reason for this is the ability to cover the hair thinning problem in seconds, instantly and efficiently. Baldness is not detectable even in broad day light due to the blending effect given by these micro hair fibers which are sprinkled/ sprayed on your head. Second reason which closely follows the first is the affordability of these concealers over expensive hair transplant treatment.

How do you decide which are the best hair thickening fiber concealers from the full basket of options ranging from synthetic to natural, powder hair building fibers to hair dyes/sprays. The choice totally depends on your scalp condition, personal comfort, medical recommendation and review from other known users. Hair fiber products should pad out the volume giving the illusion of thicker hair. Hair fibers with natural plant ingredients are preferable over the synthetic varieties as the plant fibers do not cause irritation and other harmful side effects. They are safe to use by all age and gender groups even by people suffering from diseases like high BP, diabetes, cancer. Women who are pregnant or nursing can also use these as no detrimental fumes or reaction result from the use of these micro hair fibers. One should opt for hair thickening fibers that use natural mineral colorants to ensure they blend well with their original hair color and doesn’t give artificial look.

It is very important to understand that hair concealers are temporary treatment option which will not aid in hair growth as they simply stick to the existing hair giving full hair look. However, if you are looking for anything that is non-invasive, extremely low risk, weather proof and straight forward solution to your hair loss problem than these hair fiber products should definitely occupy a space on your dressing shelf.


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