Common Hair Loss Myths Exposed

Myths have been with us from very ancient times, but as technology and knowlegde has increased, these myths are exposed. Hair loss is one of the oldest problem that men and women face. In recent times, these problems are increased due to different reasons like unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, and many other reasons. As with time, problems related to hair loss and baldness are increased among men and women, new advancements are also being made to control and treat them. Different hair fiber, liquids, serums and solutions are few of such advancement in this regard. Hair building fiber is being used as a secret weapon by many people around the world to solve hair loss problem as it is the safest and quickest way to have thicker hair.

In this article, some of the myths and reasons why they are wrong are discussed

1) Myth: One of the myth is that genetic hair loss is caused by the mother’s genes.
Fact: No, it is not purely true. There are few types of hair loss that are caused by genetic issues but this doesnt mean that it has to be mother’s gene. It can be from inherit genes of mother’s, father’s or from combination of both.
2) Myth: To get thicker hair, cut your hair.
Fact: Cutting hair may help them appear thicker, but in reality they will have same thickness that they orignally had. Cutting hair will remove split ends that will stop further damage to your hair. If you really want to get thicker hair, there are a lot of companies that are making hair building fiber that are the safest solutions to help you in resolving your baldness and thin hair issues without any side effects.
3) Myth: Washing your hair everyday can also lead to hair loss.
Fact: Again it is not true. Washing hair means you are cleaning them and cleanliness never results in damage. In normal condition, some hair are always lost during or after a bath. you just need to be sure that shampoo that is being used daily does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals.
4) Myth: Brushing hair is better than combing them.
Fact: According to experts it is actually reverse. It is better to comb your hair than to brush them as split ends are less likely to be caused by combing. Realisticaly, nobody gets bald due to normal use of comb and brush.
5) Myth: Hair loss can never be treated
Fact: Thanks to new advancement in technology, there are a lot of ways of dealing and treating hair loss and baldness problems. Topical solutions, ointments, liquids and hair building fiber are just few of the current ways to resolve hair loss problem.
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