Creative Ways to Use Hair Loss Concealers

Hair like the fairytale character – Rapunzel is the dream of many. While her hair had magical properties and amazing re-growth properties, we live in the reality and our bubble pops the moment we open our eyes to the present. Hair loss is a problematic condition from which many suffer and are looking for ways to conceal it.

The market is flooded with range of products which are both affordable and effective to conceal the hair problem. These hair loss concealers help you to save cash and carry on with your lives confidently by giving you that cover which is as invisible as it can get. They come in various color shades giving you natural and fuller hair look, thus eliminating the hair thinning problem completely. Since, most of the hair loss concealers require the hair fibers or spray to bind with the existing hair; these can be less useful for completely bald scalp. More the hair, better blending and thickening results these products will have.

Some simple creative ways to conceal the hair loss problem include:

– Go for a Hair Style that suits you: Proper hair styling solves majority of the concealing problem. Topical products work best if less balding spots are exposed for coverage. Next time you visit your hair expert, opt for a style that does maximum justice to cover up your hair thinning. Shorter hair gives illusion of thicker and fuller hair. So go for those pixie and crew cuts which make you feel better immediately. Men can go for a complete bald look, a la Bruce Willis style and women can have more waves and curls to their style for that extra voluminous look.

– Spray the Scalp: These products conceal your hair loss problem by spraying color dye on the scalp, matching your existing hair. The product dispensers spray micro hair fibers dipped in synthetic or natural color dyes, darkening the scalp and giving fuller hair look. These are more helpful if there are larger areas to be covered. Since the base is liquid, they are not as durable as the powder hair thickening fibers and may reveal your true self if exposed to water. Application of these sprays requires skill and practice as amateur usage will result in patchy results.

– Go the Hair Thickening Fiber Way: These are topical products made of colored protein or plant fibers. The micro hair fibers need to be sprinkled from a dispenser as they are in powder form. They bind with the existing hair on the scalp and give the required thickness and volume to the thinning hair. It is one of the easiest and fashionable ways to successfully conceal hair loss in seconds. They are available in various color shades to get that natural looking hair, which attract attention for all right reasons.


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