Hair Loss Concealers for Grey Hair

Everyone one of us is not blessed with great hair with good volume, color and texture. While some are unfortunate to get early balding spots, the ones who get premature gray hair are not happy either. Gray hair can be a sign of wise age when we get older; however getting gray hair early on in life can be a deterrent if one wants to spot a particular beard or hair style. Add on to this, if one suffers from hair thinning and gray hair combined than the problems multiply.

The scientific cause behind gray hair is the lack of pigmentation and melanin – less or no production of melanin in the hair follicles results in hair growth with changed color than your original shade, which we call as gray hair. Apart from ageing, genetics, stress and prolonged illness can also lead to premature graying.

Most commonly adopted method for covering those gray hairs is the use of color dyes which come in all shapes, sizes and colors –with or without ammonia. These are temporary dyes which need root touch up or global hair coverage once the color dye fades, again revealing those grays. Plus, color dyes can be very artificial and blotchy if not applied skillfully by professional hands. Color dyes are also know to cause skin and eye irritation in people predisposed to sensitive scalp or medical conditions like high BP, heart troubles or women who are pregnant or nursing. Ammonia free, natural hair dyes wear off quickly causing a big hole in the pocket.

While people with gray hair continue to use the color dyes, a gradual shift towards trend of using hair enhancers or hair loss concealers has caught up. They are primarily used by men and women with balding spots to give them full hair look that blends seamlessly with existing hair. However, this principle can be easily replicated for people with gray hair to their advantage. Hair loss concealers are micro hair thickening fibers – animal or plant based, which when sprinkled/sprayed onto the hair, bind with the existing hair giving full hair look in shades as the original hair color.

Like the color dyes, these hair thickening fibers are not permanent and they eventually come off when washed with shampoo. But the major edge comes with the fact that hair thickening fibers can be used as needed without dependency on expensive salons and hair experts. These cause less irritation and harm as compared to chemical dyes which usually lead to hair thinning in many individuals. Hair thickening fibers are convenient, durable and weather resistant; giving you the power to cover up those gray hairs like you never had them.


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