Hair Loss Concealers for Men and Women

Whenever people talk about hair thinning or bald spots, mention of hair transplants and hair loss concealers comes up without fail. While hair transplants still require shelling lot of money, hair loss concealers on the other hand have raised the popularity charts with their affordable cost, convenience and instant effect. Markets have flooded with different types of hair thickening fibers owing to the fact that more and more people are suffering from the hair loss problem, men and women alike. Also, people have been more forthright about the balding problem and willing to use different solutions for camouflaging the hair loss.

Hair loss concealers primarily come in spray form and powder form. The spray forms are the color dyes which thicken the hair strands giving them fuller look. Though very effective, these sprays have met with fair share of criticism as most of them give artificial look if not applied evenly and also are sometimes messy to handle with stain problem. Also, the spray formulae contains synthetic colors, dyes and chemical compounds which might lead to irritation and other side effects especially in people with health diseases and special conditions.

Alternate form of hair loss concealers which come in powder form are more sought after as these micro hair fibers simply need to be sprinkled on areas of spot baldness giving natural looking hair with required volume and density. These hair thickening fibers, seamlessly bind with the existing hair follicles on principles of negative-positive static electricity. These though temporary, stay longer till washed off using shampoos and are weather resistant. This gives today working men and women opportunity to concentrate on professional commitments rather than constantly worrying about their hair and looks. Time is of essence and hair fibers which can be applied in seconds, respect this notion. Embarrassment due to hair thinning is common, especially among women who don’t want their looks to come in way of confidence way of living. Hair fibers help to overcome these obstacles with illusion of fuller hair that can’t be detected unless told.

The widespread occurrence of the hair loss problem has lead to formation of many empathetic groups who support each other by sharing their experiences; cope up mechanisms and feedback for various products. Research studies have shown that such groups recommend the use of micro hair fibers to deal with the hair loss problem effectively and conveniently.


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