Hair Loss Concealers – Your New Best Friend

Hair loss concealers or hair thickening fibers, tiny hair fiber products have found many takers in the market for dealing with hair loss problem. They are non-invasive and non-expensive but at the same time very effective in covering those balding areas which put you in a spot whenever you step out of your house to face the world. Classified under temporary cosmetic hair treatment solution, the popularity of hair loss concealers has increased due to positive feedback from all corners – whether it is the medical community, drug stores, beauty experts or the end consumer.

Aim of consumers is not to aid hair re-growth but helping people to conceal the hair thinning problem till they are economically and psychologically ready to invest in high cost permanent hair transplant treatment. Hair loss concealers are like tiny magnet fibers that bind strongly and securely to the existing hair strands giving fuller and thicker hair. The concealing is so effective that people can’t tell you are using any product unless you tell them. The strong bond between hair thickening fibers and existing hair shaft is made possible by the static electricity principle between positively and negatively charged hair thickening fibers.

Hair loss concealers come in various forms, the primary ones including keratin based and plant based hair thickening fiber powder and sprays. The keratin hair fibers use animal ingredients and mostly derived from wool which is treated with chemical compounds and made suitable for human use. The plant based hair thickening fibers are made from finest organic ingredients like flower extracts and use natural mineral colorants to give that perfect finish after application. Natural varieties of hair thickening fiber are non toxic and do not cause any irritation or side effects. These should however be kept away from the reach of children to avoid mishaps.

The advantage of using hair loss concealers comes from the fact that they are very durable, which means they do not get washed away while getting wet in shower, rain or swimming pool and neither do they wear off in strong winds or sweltering heat. The hair fibers are non-messy, convenient to apply with couple of times of practice and can be removed by use of everyday shampoo. Hair loss concealers can make you appear years younger to your actual age and amazing results are achieved instantly without any huge spending for hair restoration therapies. Free trials and money back options make these hair thickening products very lucrative to try. No risk, only gain is claim by most of the concealer product companies. Now covering your embarrassing bald spots is just a hair loss concealer away.


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