Hair Loss Tricks for Women

Balding in men has been common since times immemorial. However, research studies have shown that the hair loss problem has risen exponentially among women over the years.

Women are more conscious of their appearance and don’t want any compromises in their confidence to look and feel good. The onset of excessive hair loss in women starts with the frontal portion of hairline and then extends on the crown of head. The reasons behind hair loss in women can be attributed to heredity, lifestyle/dietary habits, shock/trauma, and diseases like cancer or health conditions like pregnancy/nursing of child. In their worry, females start listening to advice from all corners and get confused on the best alternative. What women want is something that is effective and at the same time easy on the pocket.

Here are some really effective quick fix solutions that work wonders for women in managing their hair loss problems:

-Diet: Dietary sources of required nutrients especially B complex vitamins and proteins are undoubtedly most effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains and eggs should form part of our balanced meal to get maximum benefit.

– Exercise: With our professional and personal lives becoming more and more sedentary, we can’t blame the sluggish blood circulation to hair scalp affecting the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles for growth. Fresh oxygen pumped into body with daily 20-25 minute exercise helps to improve the quality of blood circulation to head and ultimately health of hair.

– Go Natural: Whether it’s the shampoo, conditioner or hair treatment products like hair concealers and spray dyes, going for the natural variety is sensible choice. These products will free from animal ingredients and harsh chemical compounds leading to minimalistic or nil side effects and irritation.

– Artificial Hair: Hair accessories like wigs are one of the earliest human inventions which never go out of vogue. However, it can hardly be considered as a treatment and is more suited to be called a cover to hide reality. Hair extensions, recent addition to wig family, give necessary style and volume to thinning hair. However, if these artificial hairs are not applied properly, they can cause increased hair loss due to wear and team while attaching and removing them.

– Medical products: These include the pharmaceutical drugs and compounds that have flooded the market with the promise of curing the hair loss condition instantly. Women often fall into the trap of these luring drugs without thinking about their side effects and other long term reactions. While some of these supplements may actually work, they should always be taken in consultation with a trusted medical practitioner.

– Surgical Hair Transplants: While these directly work on the hair follicles to plug hair strands, the cost involved and the overall effect finds mixed response from the women community

– Hair Loss Concealers: These can be available as a spray, cream or powder. They work on the principle of static electricity wherein plant or keratin micro hair building fibers bind strongly with existing hair giving full hair scalp look. They blend with natural hair shade giving durable, convenient, affordable solution to thinning hair. A truly instant and incognito way to hide hair loss problem with positive feedback by majority of women.


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