Making the most of Hair Loss Concealers

While hair thickening fibers do work wonders for people suffering hair loss to improve their looks, correct and effective ways can accentuate your looks further. The process might vary from person to person, however the aim should be to make you look as natural self as possible giving your head proper coverage of problem areas. These expert tricks have been developed over time combining the experiences and feedback of customers who use it and process knowledge shared by the scientists working on this product.

Akin to the logic of covering grey hair, good hair color which matches your natural hair tone is very important for giving you that blended winning look. Hair concealers made from plant ingredients use natural mineral colorants causing negligible irritation or side effects. As add on, these hair thickening fibers are available in various shades to give you choice of perfection. Ask for free trials wherever you can before spending money to buy these concealers. This ensures you are convinced with the results before hand. Pass your hair shade concealers through the sunlight test just to see if it the color doesn’t appear differently in bright day light.

As with fashion, the golden rule also applies to these hair thickening concealers – “Less is more”. Try sprinkling the product at the problem area in moderated quantities, blend the hair thickening fibers with your existing hair and if required sprinkle some more. This trick would help you avoid messy situations later while removing the product and will not make you look artificial with blob of color resting on the head.

Blending the hair thickening fibers, natural or keratin based requires practice like any other make up or hair styling trick. Distribution of the fibers is even if the dispenser is held at an angle of about 45 to 55 degree, 2 to 3 inches above the thinning area, just to control the movement of hair thickening fibers. Gentle handling of the dispenser is equally important to prevent clump formation. It’s always better to wash out any hair gels, creams and other hair products before sprinkling the hair thickening fibers. Hair spray can be used after application, but never before using the hair concealers. Overdo of hair sprays and hair styling products may do less good as they either make your hair look artificial or aggravate the hair thinning look.

The trick of the trade is to go one step at a time. If you are an amateur and attempt to get a head full of hair in one day, it will not work to your expectations making your hair look blotch and unnatural. The coverage of hair thickening fibers can be increased gradually area by area for that voluminous hair style. Using hair concealers that are made with plant fibers are better as compared to keratin fibers as they bond stronger to the hair and are resistant to environmental conditions like heat, sweat, wind or rain.


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