Reasons for Excessive Hair Loss

Losing 50-100 hair everyday is a normal phenomenon. There is a cycle of losing 50-100 hair daily and regrowing them within 5-6 weeks. This is a natural cycle that takes place everyday. But when you get to see a large chunk of hair lost everyday, that is the time when you need to get worried. When you lose large amount of hair frequently, it comes under the catagory of sudden hair loss. If you are suffering from it, you will lose excessive hair after brushing them, taking a bath and on your pillow aafter sleeping. Continously losing a large amount of hair can lead to thinning of hair and patches of baldness over scalp. When you get to see these syptoms, make sure to see a doctor as something might not be right with you.

There are many reasons and causes of sudden hair loss like side effects of strong medicines, some diseases like diabetes, and any kind of localised infection over the scalp. Apart from these, one another important cause of sudden excessive hair loss is due to trauma or sudden shock. The hair loss caused by trauma happens due to the hormonal imbalance. When you get a sudden shock or trauma, the adraline gets disposed of in the system that causes other hormones to act in an abnormal behaviour. If this problem is not resolved on time, it may lead to different health issues. Hair loss due to this reason effects both men and women equally.

As is the case with other acute conditions, when you face sudden hair loss, it should be identified and cured as early as possible. Identifying it at early stage will help you in taking proper treatment on time and delaying it will result in negative effects. As soon as you have identified the problem, make sure to visit any good medical practitioner in order to rule out any other kind of disease that may also be causing hair fall. A medical practitioner will also help you in adjusting medicines, if they are causing excessive hair fall. In order to be sure about the cause of hair fall different blood tests are done to check hormonal imbalance, nutrition levels, or any other disease that may contribute to hair loss.

Hair loss can put negative effect on personality of people. Taking stress can increase your problem too. If you can not go for long term treatments, try some of the temporary ones. Hair thickening fibers and hair extentions are few of the easiest way to hide your hair problems. Hair thickening fiber with give instant thickness look. Hair extentions can help you in getting thick or long hair. All these are available in different colors to match your hair color.
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