Hair Loss Concealers for Grey Hair

Everyone one of us is not blessed with great hair with good volume, color and texture. While some are unfortunate to get early balding spots, the ones who get premature gray hair are not happy either. Gray hair can be a sign of wise age when we get older; however getting gray hair early on in life can be a deterrent if one wants to spot a particular beard or hair style. Add on to this, if one suffers from hair thinning and gray hair combined than the problems multiply.

The scientific cause behind gray hair is the lack of pigmentation and melanin – less or no production of melanin in the hair follicles results in hair growth with changed color than your original shade, which we call as gray hair. Apart from ageing, genetics, stress and prolonged illness can also lead to premature graying.

Most commonly adopted method for covering those gray hairs is the use of color dyes which come in all shapes, sizes and colors –with or without ammonia. These are temporary dyes which need root touch up or global hair coverage once the color dye fades, again revealing those grays. Plus, color dyes can be very artificial and blotchy if not applied skillfully by professional hands. Color dyes are also know to cause skin and eye irritation in people predisposed to sensitive scalp or medical conditions like high BP, heart troubles or women who are pregnant or nursing. Ammonia free, natural hair dyes wear off quickly causing a big hole in the pocket.

While people with gray hair continue to use the color dyes, a gradual shift towards trend of using hair enhancers or hair loss concealers has caught up. They are primarily used by men and women with balding spots to give them full hair look that blends seamlessly with existing hair. However, this principle can be easily replicated for people with gray hair to their advantage. Hair loss concealers are micro hair thickening fibers – animal or plant based, which when sprinkled/sprayed onto the hair, bind with the existing hair giving full hair look in shades as the original hair color.

Like the color dyes, these hair thickening fibers are not permanent and they eventually come off when washed with shampoo. But the major edge comes with the fact that hair thickening fibers can be used as needed without dependency on expensive salons and hair experts. These cause less irritation and harm as compared to chemical dyes which usually lead to hair thinning in many individuals. Hair thickening fibers are convenient, durable and weather resistant; giving you the power to cover up those gray hairs like you never had them.


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Hair Loss Tricks for Women

Balding in men has been common since times immemorial. However, research studies have shown that the hair loss problem has risen exponentially among women over the years.

Women are more conscious of their appearance and don’t want any compromises in their confidence to look and feel good. The onset of excessive hair loss in women starts with the frontal portion of hairline and then extends on the crown of head. The reasons behind hair loss in women can be attributed to heredity, lifestyle/dietary habits, shock/trauma, and diseases like cancer or health conditions like pregnancy/nursing of child. In their worry, females start listening to advice from all corners and get confused on the best alternative. What women want is something that is effective and at the same time easy on the pocket.

Here are some really effective quick fix solutions that work wonders for women in managing their hair loss problems:

-Diet: Dietary sources of required nutrients especially B complex vitamins and proteins are undoubtedly most effective in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains and eggs should form part of our balanced meal to get maximum benefit.

– Exercise: With our professional and personal lives becoming more and more sedentary, we can’t blame the sluggish blood circulation to hair scalp affecting the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles for growth. Fresh oxygen pumped into body with daily 20-25 minute exercise helps to improve the quality of blood circulation to head and ultimately health of hair.

– Go Natural: Whether it’s the shampoo, conditioner or hair treatment products like hair concealers and spray dyes, going for the natural variety is sensible choice. These products will free from animal ingredients and harsh chemical compounds leading to minimalistic or nil side effects and irritation.

– Artificial Hair: Hair accessories like wigs are one of the earliest human inventions which never go out of vogue. However, it can hardly be considered as a treatment and is more suited to be called a cover to hide reality. Hair extensions, recent addition to wig family, give necessary style and volume to thinning hair. However, if these artificial hairs are not applied properly, they can cause increased hair loss due to wear and team while attaching and removing them.

– Medical products: These include the pharmaceutical drugs and compounds that have flooded the market with the promise of curing the hair loss condition instantly. Women often fall into the trap of these luring drugs without thinking about their side effects and other long term reactions. While some of these supplements may actually work, they should always be taken in consultation with a trusted medical practitioner.

– Surgical Hair Transplants: While these directly work on the hair follicles to plug hair strands, the cost involved and the overall effect finds mixed response from the women community

– Hair Loss Concealers: These can be available as a spray, cream or powder. They work on the principle of static electricity wherein plant or keratin micro hair building fibers bind strongly with existing hair giving full hair scalp look. They blend with natural hair shade giving durable, convenient, affordable solution to thinning hair. A truly instant and incognito way to hide hair loss problem with positive feedback by majority of women.


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Making the most of Hair Loss Concealers

While hair thickening fibers do work wonders for people suffering hair loss to improve their looks, correct and effective ways can accentuate your looks further. The process might vary from person to person, however the aim should be to make you look as natural self as possible giving your head proper coverage of problem areas. These expert tricks have been developed over time combining the experiences and feedback of customers who use it and process knowledge shared by the scientists working on this product.

Akin to the logic of covering grey hair, good hair color which matches your natural hair tone is very important for giving you that blended winning look. Hair concealers made from plant ingredients use natural mineral colorants causing negligible irritation or side effects. As add on, these hair thickening fibers are available in various shades to give you choice of perfection. Ask for free trials wherever you can before spending money to buy these concealers. This ensures you are convinced with the results before hand. Pass your hair shade concealers through the sunlight test just to see if it the color doesn’t appear differently in bright day light.

As with fashion, the golden rule also applies to these hair thickening concealers – “Less is more”. Try sprinkling the product at the problem area in moderated quantities, blend the hair thickening fibers with your existing hair and if required sprinkle some more. This trick would help you avoid messy situations later while removing the product and will not make you look artificial with blob of color resting on the head.

Blending the hair thickening fibers, natural or keratin based requires practice like any other make up or hair styling trick. Distribution of the fibers is even if the dispenser is held at an angle of about 45 to 55 degree, 2 to 3 inches above the thinning area, just to control the movement of hair thickening fibers. Gentle handling of the dispenser is equally important to prevent clump formation. It’s always better to wash out any hair gels, creams and other hair products before sprinkling the hair thickening fibers. Hair spray can be used after application, but never before using the hair concealers. Overdo of hair sprays and hair styling products may do less good as they either make your hair look artificial or aggravate the hair thinning look.

The trick of the trade is to go one step at a time. If you are an amateur and attempt to get a head full of hair in one day, it will not work to your expectations making your hair look blotch and unnatural. The coverage of hair thickening fibers can be increased gradually area by area for that voluminous hair style. Using hair concealers that are made with plant fibers are better as compared to keratin fibers as they bond stronger to the hair and are resistant to environmental conditions like heat, sweat, wind or rain.


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Are Hair Loss Concealers Really Worth It?

Balding is not a new phenomenon. It has existed from times immemorial. Earlier majority was restricted to male population and hence the term “male pattern baldness” became famous. Now, however the hair loss problem has percolated considerably to the female section of the society with its own unique patterns and causes. While people in older times has limited options of color dyes and boot black that resembled shoe polish, men and women now have numerous better options to choose from. Hair building fibers are one such product that has caught the fancy of everyone with their durability and incognito properties.

Hair loss concealers have too come of age, with the earlier varieties limited to use of animal ingredients, synthetic chemical compounds and availability in limited colors. Modern times offer a range of hair loss concealers with powder or spray on varieties, keratin or natural options, some even aiding the re-growth of hair in the long term through continuous use. The disguising of hair thinning and bald spots is achieved in a uniform and blended fashion through the powder form of hair loss concealers as compared to their spray or cream based counterparts. The edge of powder based hair building fibers over the spray concealers comes from the fact that they are easy to apply with lesser technique issues and they blend naturally with the dry state of hair, avoiding the unnecessary shine and false color.

The temporary nature of hair loss concealers has not deterred people from investing in it as they are very much affordable; do not wear off in rain/sweat/wind, available in host of color shades, without the fear of staining bedding, hands or clothing. Convenience and Durability are the two main factors that make these hair loss concealers prime choice by the balding population. Also, many with heart condition or skin problems can adopt these products without fear as the plant based micro fibers cause no irritation and are devoid of any harmful side effects which might be the case with some spray or cream concealers. They are easy to remove with everyday shampoo or wear off in 3-4 days depending on external factors.

Faith of the companies who manufacture and market these hair loss concealers is so high that they are offering free trials or money back in case of dissatisfaction with the product. This makes trying concealers a risk free proposition without the feeling of being short-changed in the process. Efficiency and effectiveness of inexpensive hair loss concealers definitely make them worth a try which is often not an option when going for high investment hair transplants or hair regeneration treatments.


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Hair Loss Concealers for Men and Women

Whenever people talk about hair thinning or bald spots, mention of hair transplants and hair loss concealers comes up without fail. While hair transplants still require shelling lot of money, hair loss concealers on the other hand have raised the popularity charts with their affordable cost, convenience and instant effect. Markets have flooded with different types of hair thickening fibers owing to the fact that more and more people are suffering from the hair loss problem, men and women alike. Also, people have been more forthright about the balding problem and willing to use different solutions for camouflaging the hair loss.

Hair loss concealers primarily come in spray form and powder form. The spray forms are the color dyes which thicken the hair strands giving them fuller look. Though very effective, these sprays have met with fair share of criticism as most of them give artificial look if not applied evenly and also are sometimes messy to handle with stain problem. Also, the spray formulae contains synthetic colors, dyes and chemical compounds which might lead to irritation and other side effects especially in people with health diseases and special conditions.

Alternate form of hair loss concealers which come in powder form are more sought after as these micro hair fibers simply need to be sprinkled on areas of spot baldness giving natural looking hair with required volume and density. These hair thickening fibers, seamlessly bind with the existing hair follicles on principles of negative-positive static electricity. These though temporary, stay longer till washed off using shampoos and are weather resistant. This gives today working men and women opportunity to concentrate on professional commitments rather than constantly worrying about their hair and looks. Time is of essence and hair fibers which can be applied in seconds, respect this notion. Embarrassment due to hair thinning is common, especially among women who don’t want their looks to come in way of confidence way of living. Hair fibers help to overcome these obstacles with illusion of fuller hair that can’t be detected unless told.

The widespread occurrence of the hair loss problem has lead to formation of many empathetic groups who support each other by sharing their experiences; cope up mechanisms and feedback for various products. Research studies have shown that such groups recommend the use of micro hair fibers to deal with the hair loss problem effectively and conveniently.


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