Reasons for Excessive Hair Loss

Losing 50-100 hair everyday is a normal phenomenon. There is a cycle of losing 50-100 hair daily and regrowing them within 5-6 weeks. This is a natural cycle that takes place everyday. But when you get to see a large chunk of hair lost everyday, that is the time when you need to get worried. When you lose large amount of hair frequently, it comes under the catagory of sudden hair loss. If you are suffering from it, you will lose excessive hair after brushing them, taking a bath and on your pillow aafter sleeping. Continously losing a large amount of hair can lead to thinning of hair and patches of baldness over scalp. When you get to see these syptoms, make sure to see a doctor as something might not be right with you.

There are many reasons and causes of sudden hair loss like side effects of strong medicines, some diseases like diabetes, and any kind of localised infection over the scalp. Apart from these, one another important cause of sudden excessive hair loss is due to trauma or sudden shock. The hair loss caused by trauma happens due to the hormonal imbalance. When you get a sudden shock or trauma, the adraline gets disposed of in the system that causes other hormones to act in an abnormal behaviour. If this problem is not resolved on time, it may lead to different health issues. Hair loss due to this reason effects both men and women equally.

As is the case with other acute conditions, when you face sudden hair loss, it should be identified and cured as early as possible. Identifying it at early stage will help you in taking proper treatment on time and delaying it will result in negative effects. As soon as you have identified the problem, make sure to visit any good medical practitioner in order to rule out any other kind of disease that may also be causing hair fall. A medical practitioner will also help you in adjusting medicines, if they are causing excessive hair fall. In order to be sure about the cause of hair fall different blood tests are done to check hormonal imbalance, nutrition levels, or any other disease that may contribute to hair loss.

Hair loss can put negative effect on personality of people. Taking stress can increase your problem too. If you can not go for long term treatments, try some of the temporary ones. Hair thickening fibers and hair extentions are few of the easiest way to hide your hair problems. Hair thickening fiber with give instant thickness look. Hair extentions can help you in getting thick or long hair. All these are available in different colors to match your hair color.
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A Common Problem called Alopecia

Alopecia is a common problem that is suffered by two people out of every hundred people. Alopecia pronounced as al-oh-Pee-sha means complete or partial hair loss. In books, it also refers to loss of hair, feather or wool in animals. In this article, we will be sharing information about Alopecia. Full name of this disease is alopecia areata. There are some other words that explain its meaning depending on the area effected or its severity. These are explained below

• Single bald spot on any part of head is known as Monolocularis.
• More than one bald spot on the head is known as Multilcularis.
• Total hair loss on the whole head is known as Totalis.
• Few bald patches only on beard is known as Barbae.
• When all body hair is lost, this condition is known as Universalis.

This condition or disease is not restricted to a specific sex or population. Both men and women suffer from it. It is also not limited to people of specific area. Anybody can suffer from it at any age. Some people start losing hair at early age whereas, some might lose it after a particular age. This is caused when hair follicles get smaller ad smaller or they stop growing due to any specific reason. Alopecia can also be genetic, it can be from mother’ side of gene or father’s or from combination of both. This type is known as Androgenetic alopecia, but it doesn’t mean that if you parents or grandparents had suffered from it, you will too. It varies from person to person.

One of the question that people want to know is that whether the hair will re-grow or not? The answer to this question is still unknown but many companies are trying to make drugs that can help you in re-grow your hair. Apart from drugs, some other things are also popular these days that help you in concealing your baldness. Some people are using ointments and solutions in hope of re-grow their hair, whereas, other use hats, jewelry and other accessories to hide thinning of hair. Hair extensions and hair thickening fibers are also being used. Hair thickening fiber helps you in getting instant results. Hair extensions also help you in getting thicker or longer hair. Thin hair or patches of baldness can be concealed by using hair thickening fibers. In drugs Minoxidil or Rogaine is being used that is also approved by FDA. This drug helps in treating hair loss in both men and women.


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Hair Loss Treatments with Shampoo

There are 100,000 hair follicles in adult scalp. Daily 50-100 hair are lost in normal conditions that re-grow in 5-6 weeks. Losing hair and re-grow them again is a natural cycle that occur everyday. Losing this amount of hair and re-grow them is not a thing to get worried about, the problem arises when you lose hair and they do not re-grow. This is the time when you need to get worried because, when this happens, you will start getting bald. There are a lot of treatments available in the market some ointments and solutions are made to help you in re-grow your hair. Hair thickening fiber is one the new things that helps you in getting thicker hair instantly. These are made of 100% natural cotton and are very safe. Hair thickening fiber helps you in conceal baldness and hair loss patches. Apart from ointments and solutions shampoo also comes under the topical treatment. Topical treatments mean rubbing the solution on your scalp that will help you in re-grow the hair follicles.

These days a lot of hair loss shampoos are available for your convenience. Selecting an appropriate hair loss shampoo at the early stage can save you from losing excessive hair. Researches have shown that hair thinning and baldness is suffered by almost 50% of men at different stages of time. Some lose hair early and some may after a certain age. If hair loss shampoos are used at early stage, they can save you from the problem, but these will not work on bald head. So, try to detect it at early stage and appropriate shampoo should be used to start re-grow the hair or stop it from thinning down.

Men and women both can suffer from hair loss problem at any stage of time. To control it, a lot of shampoo from different brands are easily available in stores. Some are specifically designed for men, some for women and some that can be used by both sexes. Selecting the right type of shampoo at the right stage of your hair loss problem can save you from extreme cases. Although, hair loss shampoo works very well but some synthetic shampoo can create dependency. These will work perfectly till you are using them but as soon as you stop using them, you will again start losing hair. To overcome this dependency, few brands have launched natural shampoo that are full of nutrients. These shampoos provide necessary nutrients to feed hair follicles that helps them re-grow.

To get better results, try to detect your problem at early stage, use appropriate shampoo, drink lot of water, eat proper vitamins and supplements.


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Popular Hair Loss Treatments

Baldness and hair loss is one of the most common problem that has worried men and women for centuries. Different solutions, concoctions and ointments have been made and used to cure this problem. Rubbing ointments or solution on the surface of your scalp is known as topical treatment. In ancient times, Egyptians used to rub fat of some animals like crocodiles, hipoopotamuses, lions, geese and many other in order to resolve hair loss problem. These days, a lot of products are available in the market that will help you in resolving your hair related problems. Hair building fibers are one of the latest techniques that is being used by men and women. This treatment helps in concealing the appearance of thinning hair and making them look thicker. Some of the hair loss problems are genetic, some due to unhealthy diet and some hormonal. Excessive hair loss can be frustrating as it may cause a negative effect on your personality. If you have thin hair, products like hair building fiber is the right treatment for you. In recent times, topical treatments are a hit as they help in prevention of hair loss in men and women. These treatments are easier to apply and you can get successful results with minimum effort.

A lot of products are available in the market that can help you in dealing with baldness and hair loss problem. In order to avoid negative side effects and to get full benefits, it is important to consultant a doctor before selecting the product. Some of the topical solutions or ointments may contain very strong compounds that can cause irritation, itchiness and some other negative effects. Men and women suffering from heart diseases or high blood pressure should also take doctor’s advice in order to avoid any negative effects of these topical treatments. Pregnant women or nursing moms should avoid topical treatments as these can be harmful for them. Such people can use hair building fiber which is also getting popular these days. 2% Minoxodil is one of the important ingredients in the products of topical treatment that are being recommended by doctors.Another topical solution that is commonly used is Rogaine.

Nowadays, market contains different shampoos, conditions, ointments, scalp lotions and solutions that are especially made as topical hair treatments. These treatments, when used, increases the production of new cells and tissues. When these hair follicles rapidly multiply, they help in better hair growth that ultimetly helps in improvment hair density.


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Common Hair Loss Myths Exposed

Myths have been with us from very ancient times, but as technology and knowlegde has increased, these myths are exposed. Hair loss is one of the oldest problem that men and women face. In recent times, these problems are increased due to different reasons like unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, and many other reasons. As with time, problems related to hair loss and baldness are increased among men and women, new advancements are also being made to control and treat them. Different hair fiber, liquids, serums and solutions are few of such advancement in this regard. Hair building fiber is being used as a secret weapon by many people around the world to solve hair loss problem as it is the safest and quickest way to have thicker hair.

In this article, some of the myths and reasons why they are wrong are discussed

1) Myth: One of the myth is that genetic hair loss is caused by the mother’s genes.
Fact: No, it is not purely true. There are few types of hair loss that are caused by genetic issues but this doesnt mean that it has to be mother’s gene. It can be from inherit genes of mother’s, father’s or from combination of both.
2) Myth: To get thicker hair, cut your hair.
Fact: Cutting hair may help them appear thicker, but in reality they will have same thickness that they orignally had. Cutting hair will remove split ends that will stop further damage to your hair. If you really want to get thicker hair, there are a lot of companies that are making hair building fiber that are the safest solutions to help you in resolving your baldness and thin hair issues without any side effects.
3) Myth: Washing your hair everyday can also lead to hair loss.
Fact: Again it is not true. Washing hair means you are cleaning them and cleanliness never results in damage. In normal condition, some hair are always lost during or after a bath. you just need to be sure that shampoo that is being used daily does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals.
4) Myth: Brushing hair is better than combing them.
Fact: According to experts it is actually reverse. It is better to comb your hair than to brush them as split ends are less likely to be caused by combing. Realisticaly, nobody gets bald due to normal use of comb and brush.
5) Myth: Hair loss can never be treated
Fact: Thanks to new advancement in technology, there are a lot of ways of dealing and treating hair loss and baldness problems. Topical solutions, ointments, liquids and hair building fiber are just few of the current ways to resolve hair loss problem.
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Treating Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common form of hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia is known as the baldness or hair loss that is linked to family history and genetic predisposition. The hair loss or baldness is seen both in men and women but it is seen earlier onset, more extensive, and faster in men. In U.K. almos 10% women and 60% men suffer from this. The characteristic pattern of androgenetic alopecia in men is different from women. In men, hair loss starts slightly from the front hairline to the crown of the head, Whereas the pattern in women is uniform over the scalp. In women, the causes of androgenetic alopecia are often connected with hair loss caused due to hormonal changes such as childbirth, menopause or at the time of starting or stopping of oral contraceptive pills. The pattern of hair loss in women is more uniform than the men. In both men and women, the hair is lost when a strong and complex chemical reaction takes place and as a result hair follicles become smaller and smaller with time, eventually it results in hair loss.

Previously, people thought that nothing can be done about it as it is genetic and if you have a family history who suffered from it, you will suffer too. In recent time, a lot of progress and advancement has been made to cure hair loss. If you want an easier and faster results, then hair thickening fiber is one such treatment that will surely help you in covering bald patches and thin hair. Hair thickening fiber is an instant way to get thicker looking hair instantly. A lot of topical treatments are also launced by different companies that ensure positive results in treating alopecia.
Another new breakthough is Biostim that is plant based propecia that does not have side effects. It is new and effective hair regrowth stimulant and also an effective hairloss stabilizer. This highly effective treatment is available to us directly from laboratories. All of its ingredients help directly or indirectly in stablizing the hair loss. The natural ingredients along with important multivitamin in biostim help in increasing the hair follicles that will ultimately result in regrowth of hair. Clinically, it is proven to be safe for men and women and have more benefits and very few side effects have been reported. So, if you want to cure your hair loss problem, you need to try one of the above things i.e: topical treatment, hair thickening fiber, or biostim. Select a treatment that suits you the best but with the adviced suggestion of your doctor.


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Best Products for Thinning Hair

Hair thinning is best explained as considerable loss of hair strands, giving rise to balding spots and scanty looking hair scalp. Dealing with the hair thinning problem requires acceptance of the condition and willingness to combat it with necessary products that suit you and give maximum results. One can consider various options to give you that younger looking self with head full of hair. Embarrassment is a thing of past with these wonderful options to conceal your hair loss.

With host of products available in the market promising you the most magical outcome by concealing the age old problem, one needs to be wise to choose a product that doesn’t dry up your cash reserves and suits your scalp giving you that natural looking hair. Some options available include:

– Minoxidil: This product is famous since late 90’s and available as over the counter drug. Research has shown Minoxidil to aid hair re-growth especially around the crown area of scalp as compared to the hairline. The usage has to be continued for a fairly long time around 6 months to see any visible positive effects.

– Follicle Exfoliation: Hair cannot grow from dead hair follicles. This technique removes the dead cells from the scalp removing blockages and giving place to new cells capable of hair regeneration. Using correct shampoo and conditioner can also help in the exfoliation process. However, dead hair follicles being not the only cause for hair thinning problem, this solution might work only for some.

– Nutritional Supplements: If the hair thinning is traced to vitamin and mineral deficiency, then including them in your diet or as drug supplements can recharge the hair follicles to produce hair. These are necessary to improve the blood circulation to the scalp and restoration of healthy hair. However, taking advice from trusted medical practitioner is necessary before popping these pills. Dietary sources of good quality protein and Vitamin B Complex are better absorbed into the blood stream

– Hair Loss Concealers: These work on the principle of static electricity and help to cover up the thinning hair by blending the spray or powder based micro hair building fibers to the existing hair giving natural looking fuller hair. This topical treatment works best for individuals who want to invest in options requiring less hassles, are pocket friendly and effectively cover the hair thinning problem. Availability in multiple shades to suit your hair and durability for all weather conditions make them a smart choice for concealing the hair loss problem. With so many companies claiming best results, one should opt for a brand which is reputed, has good customer reviews, offers free trials and money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction experienced by using the product.


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Choosing the Right Hair Loss Concealers

People, especially women desire covertly or overtly that their men should be a complete package with good personality, looks, style and suaveness. A very integral part of this winning personality is a head full of nicely kept voluminous hair. But what if the hair doesn’t fit the ideal criteria with no fault of the person involved? Well there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Problem of hair loss bothers men more than women as the gene pool of males has a higher disposition to baldness and hair thinning as compared to females. With widespread occurrence of the hair loss issue, infomercials on television marketing various hair fiber treatment products have gained popularity. Acceptance of the problem is the first step to decide on the best possible solution from array of options like medication, hair transplants, shampoos, oils, hair dyes and concealers.

With advancement in research and technology, customers expect hair loss treatments to be hassle free, non-messy, and sophisticated with required flexibility and convenience of use. Hair thickening fiber fits this bill perfectly, considering factors like cost, time involved and effectiveness. So what makes these hair loss concealers so popular and sought after by consumers? Numero Uno reason for this is the ability to cover the hair thinning problem in seconds, instantly and efficiently. Baldness is not detectable even in broad day light due to the blending effect given by these micro hair fibers which are sprinkled/ sprayed on your head. Second reason which closely follows the first is the affordability of these concealers over expensive hair transplant treatment.

How do you decide which are the best hair thickening fiber concealers from the full basket of options ranging from synthetic to natural, powder hair building fibers to hair dyes/sprays. The choice totally depends on your scalp condition, personal comfort, medical recommendation and review from other known users. Hair fiber products should pad out the volume giving the illusion of thicker hair. Hair fibers with natural plant ingredients are preferable over the synthetic varieties as the plant fibers do not cause irritation and other harmful side effects. They are safe to use by all age and gender groups even by people suffering from diseases like high BP, diabetes, cancer. Women who are pregnant or nursing can also use these as no detrimental fumes or reaction result from the use of these micro hair fibers. One should opt for hair thickening fibers that use natural mineral colorants to ensure they blend well with their original hair color and doesn’t give artificial look.

It is very important to understand that hair concealers are temporary treatment option which will not aid in hair growth as they simply stick to the existing hair giving full hair look. However, if you are looking for anything that is non-invasive, extremely low risk, weather proof and straight forward solution to your hair loss problem than these hair fiber products should definitely occupy a space on your dressing shelf.


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Creative Ways to Use Hair Loss Concealers

Hair like the fairytale character – Rapunzel is the dream of many. While her hair had magical properties and amazing re-growth properties, we live in the reality and our bubble pops the moment we open our eyes to the present. Hair loss is a problematic condition from which many suffer and are looking for ways to conceal it.

The market is flooded with range of products which are both affordable and effective to conceal the hair problem. These hair loss concealers help you to save cash and carry on with your lives confidently by giving you that cover which is as invisible as it can get. They come in various color shades giving you natural and fuller hair look, thus eliminating the hair thinning problem completely. Since, most of the hair loss concealers require the hair fibers or spray to bind with the existing hair; these can be less useful for completely bald scalp. More the hair, better blending and thickening results these products will have.

Some simple creative ways to conceal the hair loss problem include:

– Go for a Hair Style that suits you: Proper hair styling solves majority of the concealing problem. Topical products work best if less balding spots are exposed for coverage. Next time you visit your hair expert, opt for a style that does maximum justice to cover up your hair thinning. Shorter hair gives illusion of thicker and fuller hair. So go for those pixie and crew cuts which make you feel better immediately. Men can go for a complete bald look, a la Bruce Willis style and women can have more waves and curls to their style for that extra voluminous look.

– Spray the Scalp: These products conceal your hair loss problem by spraying color dye on the scalp, matching your existing hair. The product dispensers spray micro hair fibers dipped in synthetic or natural color dyes, darkening the scalp and giving fuller hair look. These are more helpful if there are larger areas to be covered. Since the base is liquid, they are not as durable as the powder hair thickening fibers and may reveal your true self if exposed to water. Application of these sprays requires skill and practice as amateur usage will result in patchy results.

– Go the Hair Thickening Fiber Way: These are topical products made of colored protein or plant fibers. The micro hair fibers need to be sprinkled from a dispenser as they are in powder form. They bind with the existing hair on the scalp and give the required thickness and volume to the thinning hair. It is one of the easiest and fashionable ways to successfully conceal hair loss in seconds. They are available in various color shades to get that natural looking hair, which attract attention for all right reasons.


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Hair Loss Concealers – Your New Best Friend

Hair loss concealers or hair thickening fibers, tiny hair fiber products have found many takers in the market for dealing with hair loss problem. They are non-invasive and non-expensive but at the same time very effective in covering those balding areas which put you in a spot whenever you step out of your house to face the world. Classified under temporary cosmetic hair treatment solution, the popularity of hair loss concealers has increased due to positive feedback from all corners – whether it is the medical community, drug stores, beauty experts or the end consumer.

Aim of consumers is not to aid hair re-growth but helping people to conceal the hair thinning problem till they are economically and psychologically ready to invest in high cost permanent hair transplant treatment. Hair loss concealers are like tiny magnet fibers that bind strongly and securely to the existing hair strands giving fuller and thicker hair. The concealing is so effective that people can’t tell you are using any product unless you tell them. The strong bond between hair thickening fibers and existing hair shaft is made possible by the static electricity principle between positively and negatively charged hair thickening fibers.

Hair loss concealers come in various forms, the primary ones including keratin based and plant based hair thickening fiber powder and sprays. The keratin hair fibers use animal ingredients and mostly derived from wool which is treated with chemical compounds and made suitable for human use. The plant based hair thickening fibers are made from finest organic ingredients like flower extracts and use natural mineral colorants to give that perfect finish after application. Natural varieties of hair thickening fiber are non toxic and do not cause any irritation or side effects. These should however be kept away from the reach of children to avoid mishaps.

The advantage of using hair loss concealers comes from the fact that they are very durable, which means they do not get washed away while getting wet in shower, rain or swimming pool and neither do they wear off in strong winds or sweltering heat. The hair fibers are non-messy, convenient to apply with couple of times of practice and can be removed by use of everyday shampoo. Hair loss concealers can make you appear years younger to your actual age and amazing results are achieved instantly without any huge spending for hair restoration therapies. Free trials and money back options make these hair thickening products very lucrative to try. No risk, only gain is claim by most of the concealer product companies. Now covering your embarrassing bald spots is just a hair loss concealer away.


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