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Winter Skin Care Trends That Can Be Kept During Spring

As winters come, there is a need for the extra care on skin. A lot of dermatologists recommended taking your skin care regimen to adapt to this season. Nevertheless, several winter trends are transferable to the Spring. We present some practices you can maintain while you transition from winter to spring when caring for your skin.

Moisturize Your Skin At Least Twice Daily

Moisture is what keeps the skin to glow and look healthy irrespective of the weather conditions. You can moisturize at least two times every day, even if you decide to try emerging lighter formulas that accompany spring. SKincare experts advise the cleansing and moisturizing of the skin when you wake up and before going to bed

Apply Skin Care Treatments for Skin Moisturization

Do you want to increase absorption throughout the year? Applying treatments to moist the skin does better. This trick is highly essential during winter when the air is dry. It is also critical during warmer weather. The effects are glaring most, especially when using a hyaluronic acid serum that holds about 1000 times of its weight in water.

Purchase Vitamin C and Zinc

Most mainstream spring products have vitamin C and zinc. The supplements are suitable to protect you from winter colds. They also promote the skin throughout the year when consumed in food or vitamins, or applied topically. Vitamin C revitalizes and brightens the skin, as well as stimulates collagen production. Most natural sunscreens contain Zinc. These sunscreens are essential commodities during the spring.

Let your skin savor the dose of vitamin C required for its health and vitality by using Vitamin C and E Ferulic Acid serum to moisturize whether it is dry or normal skin. The treatment should be used without vitamin E if you have acne-prone or oily skin. It does not matter if you have decided to use the same products in both winter and spring or you desire to try out new treatments; these skin care trends for 2019 will assist you to keep your skin healthy all through the year.

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