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The best ingredients for summer skin care

If you think that skin care is something that doesn’t need to change relative to the season or the weather, you’re just lying to yourself. Your skin is dynamic and always changing, which is why it has unique needs during different weathers. Here are some things you can incorporate into your routine and get ready for the summer;


Not using proper protection from the sun can be one of the most harmful things you can ever do for your skin. And since the sun can be all the more brutal during the summer, make sure to sure a sunscreen that packs a punch with the SPF. The Derma Roller System has a wide range of products all designed to protect your skin, so layering on the products can increase your protection and actually improve the texture of your skin. If you feel like the product has moved, make sure you reapply your sunscreen to have the best possible sun protection.

Stay hydrated

The most important thing in the summer is to make up for all the lost nutrients and moisture by staying hydrated. Make sure to make drinking water an important part of the day and eat foods that have a lot of water content. Not only will this keep your body healthy and hydrated, it will have a clear impact on your skin too by making it supple, fresh and healthy from within.

Use the right products

If retaining moisture and hydrating is your goal, using a cleanser that strips your skin of even the natural moisture is the worst thing you can possibly do. Using the right products that aren’t too oily, wont make your skin breakout yet hydrate your skin is crucial. Using a gel based moisturizer during the summer is a great way to refresh your skin without making it greasy. In addition to that, make sure to use makeup that isn’t loaded with silicone or parabens in the summer for a light breezy look.

Targeted treatment Sunburn, irritation and damage from the heat are a few given things that everyone is destined for during the summer. Using a vitamin C serum can not only prevent sun damage, it can also rectify all the damage your skin has acquired over time. The DermaC+  anti-aging serum is one of the the best lightweight serums out there that hydrate your skin and make it look fresh and summer ready. Whether you need a vitamin C serum or one with hyaluronic acid, the Derma Roller System is there to find the best product for your skin type.

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Hydrate your skin this summer!

No matter how sweaty you get during the summer or how soft and moisturized your skin might feel, hydrating your skin from the inside and the outside is crucial even for the summer. While the summer comes with more benefits for the skin, constant washing of the face and certain summer activities can also irritate the skin. Here are some ways you can hydrate your skin during the summer;

Why you need hydration in the summer

Even though the skin tends to release and retain the natural oils during the summer, the heat and the humidity can actually suck out the moisture and dehydrate you from within. Even sitting in an air-conditioned room for long hours can dehydrate you and that can show up on the skin as well. Even some of the activities that we indulge in, from swimming to going to the beach, can dry out the skin and the body which is why you need a lot of hydration in the summer.

What you can do

While an efficient skin care routine is important for the summer, the main goal is to hydrate your body so that it leads to healthier skin from within. Drinking lots of water and following a diet full of fruits and vegetables is important since they retain the water in the body for longer periods of time. Besides what the body needs, a good sunscreen with a high SPF is the key for the summer. Not only does it prevent sun damage, it also locks in the moisture in your skin and prevents it from drying out because of the heat.

When you’re using the Dermaroller, your skin might temporarily experience dryness and become more prone to sun damage. Using the DermaC+ anti-aging serum will provide your skin with deep hydration and replenish it from within even after a whole day of being in the heat. Loaded with vitamin B5, the DermaC+ anti-aging serum comes in a variety of scents to suit your mood and personality. The hyaluronic acid in the DermaC+ anti-aging serum is also amazing for when you’re out in the sun and maintains its radiance and helps beat the heat.

Besides the skin, every other part of your body is prone to dryness. Using a body lotion religiously and targeted products for the eyes and especially the lips can save you from dryness while making your skin healthier.

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Best products for your Derma Roller System

If you’ve ever used a Dermaroller, you know that it’s not as complicated as it seems, in fact it’s pretty easy to use. However, the only thing you need to take care of is the products you use since the Dermaroller tends to make the skin really dry due to the use of disinfectant before the rolling begins. Since any products you use penetrate the skin much deeper than normally, here are some products that are great for the skin and don’t have any harmful ingredients;

DermaCell Collagen Cream

If you’re using a DermaRoller you need to make sure that the product you’re using don’t contain harmful ingredients and are safe for the skin. The DermaCell collagen cream penetrates the pores and repairs the skin from deep within. The cream comes with a 1% formula and has a high molecular weight due to the fact that it contains active ingredients. With its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, this cream moisturizes your skin and boosts collagen production.

DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum

The DermaC+ anti-aging serum is the perfect thing for skin repair, collagen production and removing dark circles. This serum comes loaded with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid so that it not only takes away signs of aging, it gives your skin a radiant glow while removing dark spots and evening out the skin tone. The best thing is that the serum comes with completely safe, paraben-free ingredients which are perfect for while you’re using the DermaRoller.